Future of Renewable Energy

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The incredible future of renewable energy

There’s only one Earth, so it’s important we do what we can to take care of it. Innovations in renewable energy are leading the way to a brighter, greener future. While renewable energy isn’t the only solution, it’s a large part of the drive to protect the planet.

It’s not a secret that a diminishing need for fossil fuels and lower oil prices are causing energy companies to do some serious rethinking. These trends may be intensified for oil companies around the globe where governments are trying to replace combustion engine cars with electric ones in an effort to cut emissions. With the larger concerns of climate change and local air pollution, at least some of these steps may be justified. So, what new technology could lead to a greener tomorrow?

Here’s a glimpse at the incredible future of renewable energy.

Future of Renewable Energy

Wind Energy

Wind-generated power has received a major investment of the past several years all around the globe. China is currently in the lead with producing renewable energy from wind, with America coming 2nd, Germany in 3rd and Spain 4th.

So, what’s next for wind energy? Innovations in wind are all about taking what’s currently being used to the next level. Some of these revolutions include – drones that are able to generate power as they deliver goods, as well as new designs and shapes for wind turbines that can maximize energy capture. Improvements are being made to turbine production to make them much more efficient.

Tidal Power

While wind energy has been harnessed well, hitching the power of the sea hasn’t quite reached the same level. The problem with wave power is the cost. We have the technology to use waves to generate energy, however, we haven’t quite come up with a way to do so in a more cost-effect way. It’s estimated that energy generated from tidal power can potentially cost between 2 and 9 times more than the same amount generated from wind. That being said, large tidal power plants can be found in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. All very capable of generating large amounts of energy.

Companies throughout the world are looking to take the lead in producing tidal power in a cost-effective manner. It’s estimated that around 120GW a year of energy generated from waves is just waiting to be used. A company that can find a cost-effect way of fabricating tidal power is certain to set themselves up to earn some big bucks.

Kinetic Power

Imagine if energy could be generated through just walking, running, or even driving around town. While the technology exists, it’s only shown itself in one-off, small projects, such as merry-go-rounds and a walkway used during London’s 2012 Olympic Games. The challenge with kinetic power is to move from clever experiments to a more effective, widespread form of generating renewable energy. If kinetic energy can be harnessed from everyday actions, we’ll have the cleanest form of energy ever.

For example, 200 hidden energy-capturing tiles have been installed in Rio de Janeiro underneath an AstroTurf football pitch. We might see more of this across other sports pitches, as well as possibly pavements in city centers in the future. Kinetic sensors may even one day be used in the soles of shoes to harness energy.

Solar Power

Solar power has been around since 1839, and can be seen on many homes, building, boats, and even cars. From individuals using solar power to charge their devices, to huge solar farms and everything in between. China in particular has seen a substantial growth in solar power over the past few years, with the country installing over 34 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016. This is more than double that of the United States, and about half of the amount of the figure for the entire world.

While solar panels are popular now, the future of renewable energy could see them becoming much more efficient. Recently, scientists have developed a perovskite layer, a type of mineral coating, which can be applied to solar panels to significantly boost their efficiency. Others believe that nature can inspire us on how to better capture solar power.

As the drive to create an incredible future of renewable energy continues, we will most likely see a serious dent in the use of fossil fuel just by the end of this decade. We clearly can’t be complacent, but all of this gives way to optimism that we’ll have a cleaner world in the future.

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