Prepare for a Power Outage

How to Prepare for a Power Outage with ease Introduction Power outages can happen unexpectedly and leave us without the essential electricity we rely on for our […]
Apr 19, 2024 /
Finding the Perfect Ceiling Fans

Finding the Perfect Ceiling Fans

The ultimate guide to finding the perfect ceiling fans for you Finding the perfect ceiling fans for your home or office can be a daunting task. […]
Jan 26, 2024 /
smoke alarms gold coast

Gold Coast Smoke Alarms

Gold Coast Smoke Alarms | Installations & Maintenance ~ MC Power Electrical Here are some of the most asked questions regarding smoke alarms... Answered... For any Gold […]
Feb 14, 2023 /
Gold Coast Electricians

Gold Coast Electricians

Gold Coast Electricians, Australia MC Power Electrical Solutions ~ Your local Gold Coast electricians.   Our team of highly skilled, well presented, fully licensed, polite professionals are here […]
Aug 3, 2022 /
test and tag FAQ's

Test and Tag FAQ’s

Test and Tag FAQ’s on Google Testing and tagging on electrical equipment In electrical safety testing, PAT (portable appliance testing) is the procedure used in Australia and New […]
Jul 4, 2022 /
facts about electricians

Facts About Electricians

Fun facts about electricians You're getting ready for work, and the lights go off. There's one business on your mind – MC Power Electrical. But what many […]
Apr 19, 2022 /

Expert Renovation Tips

Expert renovation tips for the average Joe The average man can do a lot to fix problems around the home all year round. When it […]
Apr 12, 2021 /
BIG benefits of smoke alarms

BIG Benefits of Smoke Alarms

The BIG Benefits of Smoke Alarms: Why They Are Vital On Every Level of a Property Smoke alarms are more important than most of us […]
Jan 19, 2021 /
Earth Hour

Earth Hour

What is Earth Hour? Does it really make a difference? Earth hour is an environmental movement that began in Sydney Australia in 2007. Residents were encouraged to […]
Nov 30, 2020 /
Australia’s Energy System

Australia’s Energy System

Where does electricity come from? Where would we be without electricity? Most of us take electricity for granted without ever thinking very much about where it […]
Jun 30, 2020 /
Solar vs Electric

Solar vs Electric

Solar vs Electric - The pros and cons In Australia, our energy is mostly sourced from fossil fuels. For various reasons such as cost-efficiency and environmental […]
Jan 14, 2020 /
Health Benefits Of An Ice Bath

Health Benefits Of An Ice Bath

The HUGE health benefits of an ice bath Although it sounds like it’s coming straight from a sci-fi novel, cryotherapy - also called “cold therapy” is […]
Oct 14, 2019 /
find the best electrician

Find The Best Electrician

How to find the best electrician in your area It is quite a rare occurrence to need an electrician - but when you need one, you […]
Jul 11, 2019 /