Installation of Ceiling Fans Gold Coast

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Looking to find yourself some contemporary ceiling fans to cool down your home or office this summer? No problem. MC Power are the Gold Coast’s ceiling fan experts. 

What Are Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are electrically powered fans that hang from the ceiling of a room.

Using technology known as hub-mounted rotation, they help to quietly circulate the air in a stuffy room, effectively cooling down the occupants.

Unlike a typical electric desk fan, a ceiling fan rotates slowly and cools the room down by evaporating the water.

Essentially, a ceiling fan significantly drops the dry air temperature on a hot summer’s day.

The Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Whether for your home or office, a ceiling fan has many benefits:

They Cool You Down – If the summer heat is really getting to you, a ceiling fan can make it feel 6-8 degrees cooler, thereby making you feel so much more refreshed.

Environmentally Friendly – A ceiling fan can actually help your air conditioner to run more efficiently – and they also reduce your electricity bills. You can turn them on and leave them running without having to worry about your bill stacking up.

Space Savers – Unlike a clunky desk fan, a ceiling fan never gets in the way.

Little Maintenance – Once your ceiling fan has been professionally installed, they require very little maintenance.

Decor Style – The ceiling fans installed by MC Power are increasingly plush and come in a wide variety of colours & styles that complement your decor.

If you’re looking for a professional to install your new ceiling fans on the Gold Coast, MC Power are the ones to call. To talk to us today, simply call 0432 022 294.