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Testing and tagging on electrical equipment

In electrical safety testing, PAT (portable appliance testing) is the procedure used in Australia and New Zealand. This is where all electrical appliances are regularly checked for safety.

MC Power Electrical are a licensed test and tag QLD company, located on the Gold Coast. Our highly skilled team can successfully complete all your testing and tagging on electrical equipment. We use state-of-the-art gear. MC Power want to ensure your workplace is running to its absolute peak.

Book us by simply calling MC Power Electrical today on 0432 022 294 and book a day and time with one of our friendly, QLD test and tag experts. When it comes to safety in the workplace, you can’t take any chances.

Did you know that about 90% of electrical faults in the workplace are found by a test and tagger?

Frequently Asked Questions… Answered

Is testing and tagging mandatory in QLD?

Yes, test and tag of electrical equipment is required for all businesses of all sizes (construction sites, workshops, factories and offices) in QLD. This is so important because there are recorded deaths every year in Australia from faulty electrical equipment. However, these could have been prevented if the electrical gear was tested and done correctly.

How often should testing and tagging be done?

The AS/NZS 3760 standard, is the minimum for test and tagging that’s required. It’s differs for different environments, but it is recommended that:

  • Demolition, building and construction – every 3 months
  • Warehouses, factories and commercial cleaning equipment – every 6 months
  • Any environment where equipment is prone to flexing and open to abuse – every 12 months
  • Hotels, motels, hostels and halls etc – every 2 years
  • Environments where the equipment is not prone to flexing or open to abuse (server rooms etc) – every 5 years
  • Hired out electrical equipment – before every hire

Always to be complete by a licensed test and tagger (ie: electrician).

*** TIP – It is vital that the correct test tag is used based on the environment you’re testing in.

Do computers need to be tested and tagged?

Every plugin and transportable electrical device within a workplace (factories and warehouses included) need to be tested and tagged. This includes: computers (desktop and laptops), monitors, printers, photocopy and fax machines, phones (mobiles included), all kitchen appliances, electrical cleaning equipment, safety switches, all leads and cords etc.

At the end of our scrutinised testing, you will see either a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ tag on every piece of electrical equipment depending on the testing results. Furthermore, a full report will later be emailed to you from us. 

The Gold Coast electrical technicians at MC Power Electrical have been highly trained to rigorously check, test and tag all electrical uses. Additionally, all in harmony with the appropriate Australian Standards. Our team are swift, extremely professional and provide quality results. Call our team today on 0432 022 294 and book in your test and tag appointment. No stone will be left unturned by the time we’ve done our job!


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