Benefits Of Solar Energy

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The endless benefits of solar energy for the planet

With today’s generation, the words ‘solar energy’ or ‘solar power’ are well known, and can easily be identified. However, if this is your first time hearing the words ‘solar power’, let us share with you the huge advantages of it for our planet.

Firstly, let us tell you that solar is generated from the sun, which is then converted into electricity for our homes and businesses to run.

Benefits of solar energy

There are two main types of solar energy technologies:

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)This converts sunlight into electricity by utilising what is known as photovoltaic cells. These PV systems can be either mounted on the rooftop ground, or wall.

Solar Thermal – This includes the conversion of solar radiation to heat energy. Depending on whether you get low, medium, or high collectors, determines what they can do – heat swimming pools, heat water or air for residential and commercial use, or heating up to 300 deg C / 20 bar pressure for electric power productions.

The environment

From an environmental point of view, the benefits of solar energy for the planet is significantly important. Moreover, solar power systems draws clean, natural energy from the sun. The traditional known means of generating electricity or power involves the burning of fossil fuels like natural gas or coal.  However, both of these emit hazardous gases that are key causes of air pollution and global warming. So we think it’s time for a change, don’t you?

Did you know that Australia is known to have the best solar energy resources in the world? Yes, true story! This region has the biggest solar radiation per square meter than any other continent. With the low greenhouse gas released from solar power, intensifying its use is a key strategy. Additionally, given the importance and significance of fighting climate change both on an individual and global level. Climate change is seen as the key value of solar energy for the planet. It is only by reducing the amount of gas that goes into the air that climate change and global warming can be controlled. Solar energy is the way forward for this.

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