Thermal Imaging Switchboards

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Why thermal imaging switchboards are so important

Having reliable access to electrical power is one of the staples of modern life. Without it, we wouldn’t have electric lights, televisions, or power to charge our tablets and phones. The best way to make sure that power is always there when we need it, is to conduct regular maintenance and inspections. One of the ways to do this is through thermal imaging of switchboards.

Thermal Imaging SwitchboardsHere’s a quick overview of how this is done and why thermal imaging switchboards are so important:

Keeping Costs Down

So what do we mean by thermal imaging of switchboards? The electrical switchboards that keep the power flowing when and where we need it, are the reason we get to watch the telly in our air-conditioned homes at night. They’re also the reason our office meetings have the power to keep our computers humming along.

When a switchboard fails, the power we take for granted isn’t available. Yes, they can be replaced, but it’s much better to detect any issues ahead of time and prevent them from becoming larger ones. Thermal imaging cameras can detect differences in the heat signatures on a switchboard. Professional electricians are trained to recognise what differences in temperature mean under the lens of a thermal imaging camera. It’s become one of their primary tools for basic repair work.

These cameras identify hot spots that indicate a problem is developing. The electrician can then make the necessary maintenances to make sure that power is continually available when we need it. Thermal imaging equipment isn’t just one of the main tools used for repair work in Australia – it’s one of the main tools used by electrical contractors all over the world because of its effectiveness.

Fewer Power Failures

Detecting anomalies ahead of time through the use of a thermal imaging camera, substantially reduces the number of power let-downs. Electrical equipment doesn’t generally fail without warning. It’s the result of years of use and regular wear and tear. When we can detect issues in the future, there are fewer power failures, and less interruptions to our regular routines. That means the TV stays on, and we have the power we need to make some popcorn in the microwave when the craving hits.

Better Performance

Even when a faulty switchboard doesn’t cause a full power interruption, it can still reduce the effectiveness of the power supply. The electrical equipment may be overworked and that can mean higher electricity bills. It can also create safety hazards due to electrical fires. With thermal imaging techniques, a specialist can detect issues early and prevent costs from rising. This means better performance and lower repair bills.

Thermal Imaging Works in Extreme Conditions

A great thing about thermal imaging is that they work even in low visibility conditions. They detect heat signatures, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re working in low light conditions or not, the equipment will work just as well. Today’s electricians are much better equipped to prevent power failures thanks in large part to thermal imaging cameras.

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