Health Benefits Of An Ice Bath

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The HUGE health benefits of an ice bath

Although it sounds like it’s coming straight from a sci-fi novel, cryotherapy – also called “cold therapy” is the new trend. Specialised centers have sprung up everywhere, claiming to noticeably improve health. But no need to go to a centre, everyone can try this therapy from the comfort of their own bathtub. Let’s try to warm you up to the idea of ice baths!

Time to chill!

Before listing the many health benefits of ice baths, please note that there are several contraindications for people with heart diseases, high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses etc. It is extremely important to state that an ice bath is something you should prepare your body for.

If you are in healthy condition, you still have to prepare your body to the temperature shock. For example, Wim Hof, who created a method involving ice baths to improve health, recommends breathing exercises and meditation. Then, it is advised to let your body gradually adapt to the cold by taking cold showers. You should also limit your time in the icy bathtub to a few minutes. The advantages of cold therapy need to be deserved!

The physics of cold therapy

So, how does the ice bath work? By exposing your body to such cold temperatures, the temperature of your skin drops dramatically, as well as your inner body temperature. This drastic change of temperature comes with many effects: a slower heart rate, the release of endorphins and anti inflammatory molecules, an improved blood circulation etc.

Health Benefits Of An Ice Bath

A refreshing detox

The cold has a decongestant action on the inner organs and helps get rid of all the toxins. It is also ideal after a workout as a cold bath flushes all the lactic acid out of your body.

A polar painkiller

An ice bath has a numbing effect on the nerves, which means that you will feel less pain. The cold reduces swelling and inflammations. The endorphins produced also have a similar effect than morphine: it does not only relieve muscle and joint pain but also headaches!

A cool antidepressant

As mentioned, cold therapy also allows the body to produce more endorphins which trigger a positive feeling. Cold temperatures can therefore help release tensions, fatigue and bad mood!

A healthier you

Used by athletes and recommended after surgeries, cryotherapy speeds up recovery from physical exercise as well as surgeries. As an ice bath speeds up blood circulation, it is ideal to relieve the sensation of heavy legs, to prevent the apparition of varicose veins and even hair loss! Far from the only benefits, ice baths also boost the immune system and are said to improve the quality of sleep and focus.

Many people who have tried cold therapy feel a huge difference – for the best! Less stress, more energy… The advantages are endless! So forget about your cold feet, it’s time to freeze your way to better health!

Be sure to never take a hot shower straight after after an ice bath. Gradually warm your body, from the inside. Star jumps, push ups, heavy looooooooong breathes, and even a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Then, once your inner core’s temp is back up, go ahead and jump on in the shower. However, if your hot water system isn’t working well, contact the Gold Coast’s number one hot water repairs and installation professionals – MC Power Electrical Solutions on 0432 022 294.