Christmas Lights Gold Coast

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Christmas Lights Gold Coast – A Bright & Beautiful Experience!

Christmas is one of the most festive and happy holidays of the year. Every country, city, town and family have their own Christmas tradition that they take the time and effort to do each and every year. Some people dress themselves from head to toe with nothing but red to celebrate the season. Meanwhile, others feast on Christmas Eve and day, inviting neighbours, friends and family to join in on the fun. Wherever you go, you would never fail to see a new and unique way of celebrating this most loved holiday.

The Gold Coast

Christmas on the Gold Coast is especially magical. Each year we hold a City of Lights – Christmas lights Gold Coast competition. This is where the people of the Gold Coast decorate their homes with the most spectacular and festive Christmas décor they can get their hands on.

Christmas Lights Gold Coast

This city activity has been a complete success because lots of families on the Gold Coast willingly participate in the competition. Not only is this a great way to celebrate the season and promote the city’s tourism, but it is also a fun and effective way for families to bond. This contest isn’t something only adults are able to enjoy, the kids are able to participate and join in on the fun too.

Each house is a bright and colourful exhibition of each family’s creativity and sense of artistry. Everything you could possibly imagine could be seen in at least one of the houses on the Gold Coast- reindeers, Santa Claus with his famous sled, bright lights covering the whole house and yard and so much more. Christmas on the Gold Coast brings everyone’s imagination and childhood side out.

That’s not all..

Another great thing about this activity is that it isn’t limited exclusively for the homeowners to enjoy. Christmas lights on the Gold Coast has opened its gates so that people from outside the city can also take part in their festivities. There were two different ways of viewing the displays- First was on board the Murrays Bus Tour that would go around the streets and show off all the glistening houses. With online bookings and reservations available, it is an easy and accessible way for families to enjoy their week nights or weekends during the holidays. People could also check the GCCC website for the list of participating houses and in the comfort of their own vehicle, take it all in. There were entrant houses from most suburbs of the GC and families from all over were able to take part in the festivity of the City of Lights Competition.

Winner Winner..

Finally, the top 3 winners and all finalists were announced. Here’s the full list! Working our way back from the house took away the win – 1st place, being awarded to 12 Beauty Point Drive, Robina. The runner up was 26 Jagera Drive in Upper Coomera. 3rd spot – 70 Melinda Street at Southport. With many more properties making the finals. All of these properties offering something unique. 

Adults and children, entrants and onlookers alike had a fantastic time during this amazing experience. All of them are already getting organised for a bigger and brighter Christmas lights Gold Coast competition for 2018.

If you’re wanting to light up your home for Christmas or to simply make every day a little brighter with some lighting fixtures, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team at MC Power on 0432 022 294.