Hot Water Repairs

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Every home owner is entitled to running hot water!

MC Power are the Gold Coast’s #1 hot water repairs for thermostat and element replacements. 

We work with all the leading brands including – Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, Vulcan, Aquamax and Saxon. We also ensure that we leave a hot water system working at its optimal potential, which will save you $$$ down the line.

Why Would I Need Hot Water Repairs?

Hot water is both a basic necessity and right of every home owner on the Gold Coast. Put simply, you can’t enjoy life pleasures without running hot water. The problem is that hot water systems do break down, no matter how sophisticated they are.

A faulty hot water system can wreak havoc with your day to day life, especially when you come home from a hard day’s work and you can’t enjoy that hot shower or bath you’ve been dreaming about all the way home. Or even worse, when you wake up on a cold morning and have to endure a cold shower before work because your hot water system gave up on you.

If you own an ageing hot water system and think it needs the thermostat or elements replaced, contact MC Power right away. For your peace of mind it’s best to take steps to address this now. At MC Power Electrical Solutions, our team of professionals can replace those water heating system parts with ease.

Why Should I Call MC Power When My Hot Water Is Out?

MC Power are the go-to guys for fast and efficient thermostat and element replacements. With years of experience and because we understand how important it is that your hot water system is fixed ASAP, we work quickly. Always make sure your hot water repairs are done by a licensed expert.

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